Terms Of Service 

All Social Media Service is one of the world's largest Digital Marketing company that provide social media promotions to various social media platforms. We have been providing our services since 2012 with our specific way of marketing.

By booking order on All Social Media Service, you automatically accept all the below listed terms and conditions weather you read them or not. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions without notice. You are expected to read all terms and privacy before using this site and booking an order.


 ☛ All Social Media Service administrator has the authority to approve accounts.


 ☛  The administrator has the authority to cancel or reject any order that does not match our ethics.


 ☛ We do not accept the promotion of pornographic, hateful, gambling websites/social media accounts on All Social Media Service.


 ☛ Before placing an order, make sure that your Profile / Channel / Page has open to public access for all users from all countries.


 ☛ Orders are final, once the order is in the [in Progress] status we are unable to cancel it .


 ☛  You will receive a unique Order ID for each order you place. 


 ☛  You may not place an order with a different provider using the same link while your order has yet to be completed. Refunds will not be issued for such orders.


 ☛  If you use cheap services in the category [No refill, No refund] before and after completed you come to use the service [Non Drop] or [LiveTime Warranty], or [30 Days Refill] then we can't refill.


 ☛  All Social Media Service does not guarantee a delivery time for services. We provide our best estimation for orders during placeing the orders, however these are estimates. We will not be held responsible for loss of funds, negative reviews or you being banned for late delivery. If you are selling on a website that requires time sensitive results, use one digital growth at your own risk.


 ☛  This is an automatic server so after place an order we can't edit, change, cancel it even if you insert wrong link. Make sure to check example link format on service description. Order with different link format may to work properly and not get refill / refund. Wrong link order can mark as completed automatically by server without delivery and in this case no cancel / refund.


 ☛  If you delete / change username / make private your page or URL after place order or after complete the order then we can't refill, cancel or refund it.


 ☛  Do Not place several order for the same link / post / profile at the same time. Wait for the first order to Completed / Canceled or Partial, before placing next order for that link / post / profile. In this case, our server can't provide actual order amount and we can't cancel / refund for this issue.


 ☛  System will look at start count when you place order and mark as completed after enough quantity. So, don't ask us for cancel or anything with reason "Views / Likes / Followers come from my real user, my fans, other seller etc.


 ☛  We Only guarantee the followers / likes / views that we deliver. We don't provide a guarantee for the total existing followers / likes / views which you have already or bought from other provider or got organically.


 ☛  Example: If the order start count is 500, the order amount is 1000, we only guarantee the 1000 followers / views / likes that we provided, not the total 1500 or your previous 500.


 ☛ After placing order or after completed order if likes, views, followers drop below start count then we can't start / refill / cancel or refund that order.


 ☛  If any order get partial from server then that order is not eligible for refill. No matter the service have 30 days or 1 years refill guarantee but partial order never get refill. This is our server limitation, please understand it.


 ☛  All Social Media Service will only be used to promote your Instagram/Twitter/Facebook or Social account and help boost your "Appearance" only.


 ☛ We DO NOT guarantee your new followers will interact with you, we simply guarantee you to get the followers you pay for.